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Man Overboard are currently out on the Pop Punk The Vote Tour with Candy Hearts, Daytrader, Seahaven, and Handguns. PropertyOfZack is stoked to be doing a brand new Playlist with four of the bands on the tour. Check out the Playlists and listen to the songs on Spotify while reading everyone’s thoughts!

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The Weakerthans - A New Name For Everything
The Weakerthans are one of those rare, perfect bands that sort of blur the lines of genre and just make what most people consider to be great, powerful and oftentimes delicate music. They also share another rare distinction being one of the few bands all members of Candy Hearts can agree on. This is probably my favorite track off my 2nd favorite album of theirs. Left & Leaving being #1 .
Archers Of Loaf : Harnessed In Slums
There’s only one band that sounds like the Archers Of Loaf and I think that’s a lot of their appeal. I don’t generally like bands with super gruff vocals like this, but the band writes such catchy melodies that you can’t help but get into them.  
The Lemonheads - The Outdoor Type
Oh, god, he’s so dreamy it’s sickening. Everyone’s got a crush on Evan. Still. In 2012. Where do I get those super powers? This is the type of song you write to get the girl. He totally got the girl. How could he not have? Listen to this shit! 
Paramore - Monster
I gotta be honest, I was a LITTLE nervous about what would happen when some people in Paramore left the band, thinking the tunes would lack in some way, but out of nowhere they write 4 of the best songs they’ve ever done. I can’t ever pry these tunes from my brain
Gotye - Hearts A Mess *Song is currently not on Spotify
This guy has had some crazy success in his own country, and recently had a huge youtube breakthrough sensation in the states with “Somebody I Used To Know.” That song hooked me in, but the quality of the album and his guy’s sense of melody and structure kept me there. Easily the best album of 2011. 
Deep Sleep - Destroy Everything
These guys do hardcore right! No bullshit, just fun 80’s inspired stuff. 
Superdrag - Sold You An Alibi 
You’ll never meet someone who just thinks Superdrag is “Ok.” They’re one of those bands not enough people know about other than their hit single “Sucked Out,” but those that do are incredibly passionate about the band. It’s hard to describe, but their songs are just the purest form of rock n roll possible. Tuneful, lasting and emotional. You’d be doing yourself a favor to pick up any of their first 3 records. 
Sugar Stems - I Gotta Know
I got so excited when I heard this band for the first time. Anyone that knows me knows that I’ve got a thing for girl singers, especially if it’s poppy music. Betsy, the lead singer of the band has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. It’s like a mix of Neko Case and Kay Hanley. “Sweet Sounds Of…” is an album everyone should own. 
Nirvana - Lounge Act
If you don’t like Nirvana fuck you. 
Pinhead Gunpowder - 27
Listening to Pinhead Gunpowder almost lets you forgive Billie Joe for what Green Day has become. Almost.
Christian Migliorese

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Nada Surf- Always Love
Classic song.
Jealous Sound - Anxious Arms    
From one of my favorite records of all time, if you have not heard The Jealous Sound yet do yourself a favor and check out this band.
Mansions- Talk Talk Talk   
This song really grabbed my attention the first time I heard it and still gets regular love on my playlists.
The Xcerts- Slackerpop   
Awesome band from the UK, this song reminds me of Weezer when they were still good.
The Tower and The Fool- Die Alone     
One of my favorite new bands, can’t wait to hear their upcoming full length for Run For Cover records.
Hostage Calm- The M Word   
This song makes me so excited for their next record.
Tigers Jaw- Plane Vs Tank Vs Submarine     
Don’t really think this requires much explanation.
Run, Forever- Silver Screens *Song is currently not on Spotify
Awesome up and coming band from Pittsburgh, watch out for these guys.
Transit- Long Lost Friends
Great song from a great record.  
Aficionado- Permanent     
Their full length last year is way underrated and more people need to discover how great this band is.  

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Good Old War- Coney Island
It’s just an overall feel good song
Counting Crows - Rain King
One of my favorite songs by them
Hot Rod Circuit- Inhabit
This song just flat out rules
Mest- Yesterday
Yeah I know, were a bunch of fucking geeks
Transit- Asleep At The Wheel
One of the best songs off of listen and forgive
Gin Blossoms - Follow You Down
I’m a sucker for the 90s
Green day- Deadbeat Holiday
Warning is probably one of my favorite greenday records
Manchester Orchestra- Shake It Out
If you don’t like this band then something is wrong with you
The Beautiful Mistake- This Is Who You Are
Takes me back to when I was 13
Foo Fighters- Walk
If you haven’t heard wasting light yet, you’re missing out 
- Taylor Eby

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Lucero - What Are You Willing To Lose
Sharks - Sweet Harness
Cheap Girls - Cored To Empty
Smile and Burn - Tim Had A Kalashnikov *Song is currently not on Spotify
The Explosion - If You Don’t Know
Superdrag - What If You Don’t Fly
The Menzingers - Good Things

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