Golden Audio: Thrifting with Mariel Loveland, 4/1


When I sat down with Candy Hearts front woman Mariel Loveland, we decided to explore a nearby thrift shop. But before going thrifting, Mariel and I discussed her take on feminism, pizza, and working with Newfound Glory’s Chad Gilbert on Candy Hearts’ upcoming album.

This interview was mega fun!


Candy Hearts Interview
1st Opener – We Are The In Crowd Reunion Tour
4/1/14 The Space Hamden CT

AW: Ashley Winward

NH: Nicole Hetlyn

ML: Mariel Loveland

NH: All Set?

AW: Good to go!

NH: Alright, so you spoke at a panel for our university yesterday talking about women in music. What did you think about the experience because it’s not something you do a lot. Would it be something you would consider more?

ML: I thought it was wonderful. It was definitely my first time speaking in front of people about my experiences. I’m very into blogging and writing but speaking was new. I was a little bit nervous but I really liked it, I would definitely consider doing more stuff like that.

NH: You tweeted that you were watching Degrassi last night? Who’s your favorite character? 

ML: Oh my gosh, I watched like 5 episodes last night. Are we talking new characters or old characters?

NH: Either, one of each, whatever.

ML: Because out of the old characters, Manny was always my favorite and Ellie I liked

AW: I LOVED Ellie!

ML: But she did get a little annoying. And my least favorite was Ashley. I wanted to punch her in the face and fix her stupid haircut AND remove the ugly hats that she wore all the time they were NEVER in style!

AW: I saw that tweet and was like ‘I’m such a huge degrassi fan, I HAVE to ask something about that’

ML: I love Degrassi, so good..

NH: You’ve talked about being “Swifted” before, are there any other terms that you guys have that could be put in a book of “Candy Heart-isms”?

ML: Uhm, let’s see….I’m trying to think of ones that are appropriate…

NH: You can say whatever you want

ML: Well the guys have been using the word “Zuited” for getting high, we saw it on a venue wall

NH: That’s a new one!

ML: Yeah…well we use the term Catfish all the time but that’s not really a “Candy Heart-ism” we say the word classic, a lot, OH! Man Challenge is one of our things. If you’re hanging out with your friends and you say, “Oh I’m so hungry I could eat like 50 chicken nuggets” and someone says man challenge, you have to either eat 50 chicken nuggets or you get slapped in the chest

NH: I love it

AW: That’s fantastic! I think we’re going to have to institute that

ML: I’ve definitely gotten way less slaps than I deserved. The guys usually follow through, except when it’s like “Ugh I’m having such a bad day, I should just kill myself” Man challenge! Or “I’m never going to eat again guys thanks!” Man Challenge! And then you basically just man challenged someone to die…then you just have to take the slap…

AW: Good call

NH: If you guys could make your own candy hearts what kind of phrases would you put on them?

ML: I think I would just be lame and write things from our songs on them and try to sell them?

AW: That would be adorable!

ML: I would make them all the nicknames that we call Matt I would put them all on different candy hearts for him, do it like that I think.

NH: So on your facebook page your genre is listed as indie/punk/1995 is there something specific about 1995 that identifies with your music?

ML : I felt like it was just like right in the middle of the 90s, actually I literally just picked the middle cause we’re very influenced by 90s music, I mean ’95 in particular I can’t think of anything. I can remember a lot of ’96 that was like titanic and that era. That was like a really good time I feel like! I was in like elementary school, it was tight.

A: No complaints!

NH: You just released a single today called “I Miss You” can you tell us a little bit about it?

ML: It is the happiest song I’ve ever written and I am so psyched on it. I love singing it because it reminds me of how silly my boyfriend can be and it’s cool because in one of the lines it’s like “I found the notes you left for me in a bathroom on a different coast” and we went back to that venue, when he was there he left me a message in the green room bathroom for me and I found it and wrote one back but then he cancelled his show there so the next time he saw it was this tour when we were at that venue. Anyways I like it because it’s cute.

NH: Since it’s April Fools Day we have to ask who the biggest prankster on this tour is and what kind of trouble have they gotten into?

ML: This is tough….I feel like I’m definitely the sidekick prankster. Like everybody has a little prankster but I’m definitely involved in every single prank. I mean we rip on eachother a lot…..yeah it’s probably me.

AW: Solid title to have

NH: It’s very obvious that your songs are very personal, does the songwriting process come naturally? Or is there a certain routine when getting a song done?

ML: It really depends, I mean songwriting is something that comes naturally to me and it happens all the time but when we have a deadline that’s when I really start putting everything together and have a set routine of like working on things. Up until 2 months before our record I write just when things come to me and then 2 months before is when I really start trying to nail down what’s actually going to be on the record.

NH: Last question! Our school is really big on their music industry as well as music and sound recording programs, if you could give any advice to those kids trying to make it in the industry what would it be?

ML: I think that the biggest thing I would say is be nice to other people in the industry because you never know where they’re going to be and having friends in all different kinds of places is what will help you more so than… you could be the most talented person in the world but if you don’t have anyone there who will back you up and help you, you aren’t going to get anywhere. So really just keeping an open mind and being nice and nonjudgmental to your peers and making those friendships that last because you never know.

check out this interview Mariel did and pickup a pink vinyl of our new LP for your collection.

Anonymous asked: Are you going to release a music video before the album comes out?

we have a music video for a new song, but I’m not sure when we’ll release it